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Гимн Шута [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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its been a while [Oct. 6th, 2008|12:10 am]
hey live journal

i havent been here in a looong time

ya know im just tiredof life fuck it sucks sometimes, but you know what things gotta turn arouind sometime

i wish i didnt live in america, i hate how no one gives a shit that our country is being destroyed and even dont know about it, and the rest of the world hates us because of our government.. like I have something to do with that, trust me i hate it too

i should just go to france or spain or something, shit shit shit shit shit shit im scared im also really excited to see what happens next

so, untill i return, if i return

late lj
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almost 21 [Sep. 9th, 2007|03:30 pm]
[music |nothin]

recent picture

no more misery

life is nice
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america the police state? [Jul. 30th, 2007|10:28 am]
[music |weeeeeeezer]

according to alex jones anyway, maybe hes right???


daft bullshit if you ask me, decide for yourself
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(no subject) [Jun. 9th, 2007|11:33 am]
[music |wish you were here - pink floyd]

im sick of fucking everything up, what the fuck am i doing....
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a little over a year now [Mar. 26th, 2007|11:00 pm]
ive had this thing a year now, i should think of shit to put in it

maybe later
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brrr [Jan. 21st, 2007|01:32 am]

kish's new cd is so good it makes me wanna kick my grandma, im gonna go to denver, and do that

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новый киш [Dec. 10th, 2006|12:48 am]
[music |отражение]

новый альбом - здесь!!! я счастлив- я люблю весь альбом

песня- марионетки
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pics of new apartment [Nov. 29th, 2006|11:01 pm]
[music |jane air- pere lachaise]

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(no subject) [Oct. 1st, 2006|08:45 pm]
[music |король и шут - свой]

edited: didnt seem right after losing to cleveland

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Sweeet [Sep. 7th, 2006|11:52 pm]
[music |мара]

the regular season finnaly kicked off tonight, i'm not too crazy about Miami or Pitt but reg season is reg season and i've waited 7 long months for it, and my CHIEFS

its only 3 days away now

were gonna crush the bungles
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